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    So what does this cost?  Really quite little.

    Initial fee is just $25.00 for up to five hours for initial design.  This price includes our working together to design your website's homepage and the actual publishing of the website on the internet.  After that, the cost is dependent on information added to the website and my time needed to update and maintain it.

    My time is just $20.00 an hour.  Typically, I can add a photo gallery of 20 pictures in that time.  When adding text information, let's say 5 pages of MS Word to the website, it'll take less than an hour.

    Do you want your own domain name?  Since this requires additional work and expenses, the cost is $150 to set it up for the first year.  This amount barely covers my expenses.  (Do I care? Not really. I just want to help you take advantage of the internet.)  Annual cost to maintain the website's domain name is just $100.00.

    Other functions and features can be added to your website and is negotiable.

    So contact me (use the Sign Up form) and we can discuss (yes, I mean discuss over the phone - becoming a long lost art form) how I can help you get your website going.

    Your satisfaction is my desire.  If during the first thirty days you are not satisfied with the results, there is no cost to you (excep the cost of setting up your own domain).

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