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Home About Me E patient's age and menstrual status. Ovarian volume was calculated by using the formula for an ellipse (lengthâ ã—â widthâ ã—â heightâ ã—â 0. 523). Normal premenopausal ovarian size was defined as ovarian volume less than 18 cm3 (9). In postmenopausal ovaries, 8 cm3 (10) was the upper limit of normal volume, with decreasing volume for older age, according to standards reported by andolf et al (11). is viagra over the counter in canada yahoo Ovarian volume more than twice that of the contralateral side was also considered abnormal. generic viagra Discrepancies in the classification of ovarian morphology occurred for five ovaries in five patients and were resolved with consensus. The resistive index and pulsatility index findings were recorded for the 23 masses that were investigated with doppler us. buy viagra online A resistive index less than or equal to 0. 4 or a pulsatility index less than 1. 0 was considered abnormal. The presence of ascites also was recorded. Clinical findings one of three radiologists (l. E. buy cheap viagra H. , d. generic viagra online M. L. can women take viagra for men , or a. M. can women take viagra for men B. ) reviewed medical records to determine the histopathologic findings in the original primary breast cancer and to determine the stage of breast cancer at the time of us. Breast cancer stage was classified in accordance with the recommended stage grouping of the american joint committee on cancer (12). is there a generic viagra The histopathologic findings in the ovarian masses were determined with review of the histopathologic reports. cheap generic viagra Statistical analysis all statistical analyses were performed (w. S. ) with sas software release 6. 12 (sas institute, cary, nc). The histopathologic findings were correlated with the us findings, which included ovarian mass morphology, size, location, resistive index, pulsatility index, and the presence of ascites. Ovarian histopathologic findings were correlated with breast cancer histopathologic findings and with breast cancer stage at the time of us. In addition, ovarian histopathology was compared in pre- and postmenopausal women. young men who use viagra The two-tailed fischer exact test or kruskal-wallis test was performed, and a p value of less than. 05 was considered to indicate a significant difference. viagra effects prostate Previous section next section results histopathologic findings forty (74%) of 54 patients with breast cancer who underwent surgery because of adnexal masses evident at us had benign adnexal masses, and 14 (26%) of 54 patients had malignant. Services Pricing Options Sign Up Now


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